Ladder Potty

Often the child is difficult to use potty that integrates with adult toilets, because the toilet is too high or difficult to sit alone in a balanced above the toilet. BabySafe Ladder Potty makes it easy for your baby to climb up and down from the toilet, with 2 levels of stair steps to match the height of the child. Potty is equipped with handrails for children to sit with a balanced and comfortable, anti-slip base so that potty is not easy to shift and locking system to adjust to the floor foothold. So, it is very safe for your baby.





Colours  :  Red Yellow, Blue Green
Size  :  10 x 38 x 67.5 cm
Material Cover  :  Polypropylene (PP), BPA Free.



Wide Footrest

Comfortable and easier for children to ride and down potty.


Lock System

Adjust with floor foothold.


Holding hands

Children can sit in balance and comfort.


Setting Foothold

With two levels of foothold adjust the height of the child.


Basic Anti Slip

The base is not slippery.