Comfort and Elegance Stroller - Blue


Color  :  Blue
Stroller Weight  :  7 kg
Material of Frame  :  Aluminium Metalixc
Material of Fabric  :  Polyester
Baby`s Weight  :  15-20 kg
Basket Weight :  3 kg (Maximum)



Comply International Standard Consumer Safety for Stroller


Anti Corrosive

Material of the frame made of aluminium metalic is anti corrosive.


Easy to Fold

Very easy to fold for storage after use. 


3 Back Rest Position

Back rest position can be adjusted to 3 different positions. 


2 Foot Rest Position

Foot Rest Position can be adjusted to 2 different positions. 


Double Canopy

Adjustable canopy based on baby needs. Mom can protect baby from harmful sun exposure when they are outdoor. 


Easy to Control

The front wheels can be rotated 360̊ and brake the rear wheels with just one underfoot.


Light Weight and Durable

Although it is strong but still lightweight to carry and durable.