Multi Function Bottle Sterilizer

A sterilizing machine with a practical rotary dial knob, has the capacity to sterilize 6 bottles at a time. The machine also functions as milk warmer, food warmer and egg boiler.





Can be used to sterilize 6 large bottles at a time in only 9 minutes. Equipped with a tong and also useful for sterilizing other feeding equipments.

Milk Warmer

Keep baby milk warm in a constant temperature. Heating frozen breast milk without degrading its nutrition value. 

Food Warmer

Keep baby food warm during meal  time. Supplied with a bowl for warming.

Egg Boiler

Serves hard-boild eggs in 9 minutes. Supplied with built-in eggs shelf.

Orange Squeezer

Works with orange. Eliminate pulp and seeds easily.



  • Food Grade Packaging
  • Bisphenol-A Free
  • Certified by European Safety Standard


  • Sterilize 6 bottles in 9 minutes

Easy to Operate

  • The rotary dial knob is easy to operate


  • One- year  guarantee  from  the   date  of   purchase