6-Bottles Express Steam Sterilizer

A practical sterilizing machine, able to sterilize 6 large bottles in 8 minutes. 




Sterilze 6 regular standard size bottles or large wide neck bottles 250 ml in 8 minutes.

Includes a tong.




  • Food Grade Packaging
  • Bisphenol-A Free
  • Certified by European Safety Standard

High Velocity

  • Sterilize 6 bottles in 8 minutes

Anti Burn Safety

  • Equipped with thermostatic control


  • One-year guarantee from the date of purchase 







Pour 75 ml of drinking water into sterilizer heating plate.


Place the bottle in up-side-down position.

Place the teat and other feeding equipment on the sterilizer shelf.





Put the cover on and turn on the machine.

The light will turn on and the machine will start to work.


Wait for sterilizing process in 8 minutes.

The light will automatically turn off when sterilizing process complete.