Twin Bottle Warmer

Bottle Warmer keep the unfinished baby milk warm in ideal temperature. Multifeatures 4 in 1 Twin Bottle Warmer with two bottles capacity, can warm milk and water in the same time. There are several options temperatures that can be used as needed, 40 ° C to keep the milk and water warm, also to warm frozen breast milk, 70 ° C to warm food, and 100 ° C for sterilization. Equipped with Thermosatic Control (temperature control device) that works automatically, in addition to keep the engines do not get burned, also keeping milk and food served remain at ideal temperatures.


Multi Features 4 in 1

Warm Milk & Water


Defrost Frozen Breast Milk




Boil Eggs




  • Food Grade Packaging
  • Bisphenol-A Free (BPA Free)
  • Certified by European Safety Standard.

Thermosatic Control

  • Temperature control device

Process Control

  • LED Indicator to show process
  • Red means the increasing water temperature process is going on.
  • Green means the engine is maintaining the temperature in accordance with the knob direction (40 ° C, 70 ° C, or 100 ° C).





  • One-year guarantee from the date of purchase




Pour Drinking Water

250 ml - 300 ml to warm milk, water, frozen breast milk, and food.

120 ml - 150 ml to sterilize or boil eggs.

Turn The Knob to the Preferable Function

40°C to warm milk, water, frozen breast milk.

70°C to warm food.

100°C to sterilize or boil eggs.