Washing baby bottle in regular soapy water is not a guarantee for hygiene. Infected bottle by bacteria can be particularly harmful for baby digestive system that may cause diarrhea, vomiting and other health problems. Ensure your baby bottle is sterile with series of BabySafe sterilizing machines.

Milk Warmer

Feeding with similar temperature to breastfeeding milk gives baby true pleasure. BabySafe Milk & Food Warmer keeps milk and food warm during feeding or for next feeding time. Ensure not to keep milk or food stand by too long as the nutrition may deteriorate.

Warmer Jug

Dissolving baby milk formula in hot water can cause nutrient loss. The ideal temperature to make baby formula and can be consumed by baby right away is 41C. BabySafe Warm Jug keeps water stand by in ideal temperature for making baby formula at any time.

Steam Cooker

Cooking on stove often causes significant loss of nutrients, due to evaporation and heat damaged nutrients. BabySafe Steam Cooker is a machine to steam cook variety of baby menu such as porridge, rice, soup, meat, egg, etc. Steam cooking allows food to tender yet retain most of the nutrients.

Food Processor

A compact machine to blend any kind of baby food, fruit and vegetable. Made of safe and anti corrosive material.


Serve naturally tasting juice. The container for juicing is the bottle and the cup itself. After making juice, put on the cap and you can drink it directly or bring it with you.